These are recipes I’ve collected over the years.  I think that sometimes it’s nice to be able to find a recipe anywhere – without having to go home to your recipe box first.

If you want to look for a recipe here, you do that through the side bar on the right:

  • Search: Typing something into the Search box will give you the most options to find a recipe.
  • Categories: A less intense search, which will bring up every recipe that belongs in the specific category you type, such as “sauce” or “desert“.
  • Tags: Tags are not specific to a recipe or category.  Clicking on a tag will bring up all the recipes that contain a specific word (tag), such as “salty” or “hot milk“, or “cheese“if you know the recipe contains cheese.

This is a list of all the recipes on the site, sorted by category. Click on the “+” icon to expand a category.

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