Oupa’s Fried Eggs

Please note I don’t condone this recipe, I’m just typing it in!


  • Two eggs
  • Butter (can be substituted with margarine)
  • Two slices of bread (Oupa always used chala (חלה), so thick white bread)
  • Lots of jam. Oupa used whatever was on hand – grape, strawberry, even marmalade.


Spread thick layer of butter and jam on the bread slices, and put them on a plate.

Crack both eggs into a bowl – that way you can get them both in the pan at once, or let the dog eat them if you accidentally break the yolk.

Heat frying pan. Let it get really, really hot. Do not put the butter in until the pan is really hot. Once the butter is in, let that cook for a while, too, and get extremely hot.

When the pan and butter are ready, pour the eggs into the pan. Let them cook until crispy.

Carefully remove eggs from frying pan, and place over the bread.


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