Dietetic Cheese Cake (entire cake = 900 calories)


750 gr white cheese 1/2% fat

sugar substitute equal to 1.25 cups sugar

3 heaped Tablespoons dietary fiber (like Benefiber)

3 Tablespoons vanilla instant pudding

5 egg whites and 3 yolks


  1. Beat egg whites, gradually adding sweetener equal to 3/4 cups sugar.  Continue beating till stiff.
  2. In separate bowl, mix yolks, pudding, cheese, sweetener equal to 3/4 cups sugar, and the dietary fibers, and mix till smooth.
  3. Add (2) to (1) and fold in.  Place mixture in medium baking tray.
  4. Bake at medium heat until lightly brown, then lower oven temperature to 100 degrees, and bake another hour, till cake ready.
  5. Switch off oven, and leave inside a further hour.

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