Factory Canteen Agreement

CONSIDERING that the contractor asked the company to be mandated as a canteen contractor to operate the canteen in the factory and, while the contract was entrusted to the contractor via the canteen in the company`s factory buildings, he indicated the following the canteen in exchange for a grant from Rs………………… monthly, payable by the company. The operating conditions of a contract canteen are the same as under:- 2. The scholarship is paid in the first week of the following month, provided that the canteen circulates satisfactorily in the previous month. 3. The company sets up a free furnished canteen building and free water, electricity, fans, light fixtures with bulbs and tube lamps and exhaust fans, bulbs and tube lamps must be replaced and maintained by the holder and, at the time of handing over the canteen, return to the company all these electrical points and devices, including light bulbs, tubular lamps, etc. A canteen contract is company-specific and may include and exclude certain services. A very important element of the canteen contract is that the seller should be certified to provide canteen services and have the necessary authorizations and experience to manage commercial canteens. A canteen agreement is a valid document that sets out clear expectations about the service and quality of the food to be provided. If expectations are not met, the commercial company may terminate the contract on this basis. A canteen agreement is a contract between a canteen owner and a business/establishment or school. A canteen is a necessity for any commercial enterprise.

A commercial enterprise cannot house a canteen if you take into account the know-how, investments and maintenance, and therefore requires suppliers who can offer the services. A canteen contract is sought following a tender and a selection of a seller after negotiation and specifications. The canteen contract contains the following specifications The canteen contract is based on the operation and the contract may be renewed or terminated at the end of the mandate. CET ACCORD did this……………. Day of………. 20…. BETWEEN SHRI………. Son of……. Shri…………. Residence of…………..

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