Forex Client Agreement

A substantial breach by the client of its obligations under this agreement or other agreement with AssetsFx (including, but not limited to, account opening documentation); This agreement applies from the date and time of customer approval on the company`s website, in connection with the registration of a live trading account. Sending the Live account registration document is an authorization and signs this agreement electronically on behalf of the customer. The opening of a market is a “spot forex” contract with a third party (liquidity provider), not between AssetsFx and the customer. The terms as below are used in this agreement and only take on the meaning of the definition in this section. AssetsFx reserves the right to verify the User`s credit information when registering the Services. AssetsFx has the right to prevent the user from using the Services in the event of default or justification for any other valid reason when clarifying the credit data. The client confirms that he has read and understood the existing terms of use, the privacy policy and the risk disclosure statement. The customer is personally responsible for updating the contract material. 1.3. The client will make the payment of additional funds in the form of a margin within a reasonable period of time at the Company`s request.

At the company`s request, additional credits will be granted within 1 day, subject to unusual circumstances or subject to a shorter notice period, as indicated by the company and at the sole discretion of the company. Marginal deposits are made by transfer of available funds, unless the company expressly accepts another method. Acceptance of a deposit of more than thirty thousand dollars in an account of the same client is subject to additional authorization from the compliance department. In order for AssetsFx prices to be listed with the speed normally associated with speculative trading, AssetsFx can rely on available prices or other information that may later prove to be incorrect. In this case, AssetsFx may interrupt or change trading with the customer, but it will do so within a reasonable time and provide the customer with a full explanation of the reason for the termination. Business strategies to exploit errors in prices and/or off-market transactions (commonly known as “sniping”) are not accepted. If AssetsFx, at its sole discretion and loyalty, finds that the customer is exploiting these false quotes or attempts to exploit these random figures, or that it is making other forms of abusive transactions, AssetsFx is allowed to take one or more of the following counter-measures;i) adapt price spreads, (ii) limit the customer`s access to streaming, immediately negotiable offers, including the provision of manual offers; (iii) obtain historical commercial profits generated by such an abuse of liquidity – as Determined in good faith By AssetsFx at its discretion – at any time during the customer relationship, and/or iv) immediately terminate the customer relationship by written notification.

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