Alteryx Designer License Agreement

9.3 Where a right to counterfeiting is invoked or threatened, Alteryx may, at its sole option and cost, (a) make economically reasonable efforts to obtain a licence that protects the customer from such a counterfeiting application, at no cost to the customer; (b) modify or replace, as required, all or part of the software, to avoid an injury with such an update or replacement with substantially similar or better capacity; or (c) if (a) and (b) are not commercially feasible, terminate the contract and reimburse the customer a proportionate refund of the subscription fees paid under the contract for the portion of the terminated subscription period. The rights and remedies granted to the client pursuant to this Section 9 (Compensation) specify all of Alteryx`s liability and the client`s exclusive remedy with respect to any claim of non-violation of a third party`s intellectual property rights. The 2019.4 version of Alteryx does not respond to this error because it has been corrected with the update. If you log in to the license portal and download the latest version of Alteryx, the issue will be fixed. You can also create an offline activation with a license file. Follow licensed instructions to activate offline. 2.5 Support. Alteryx is not required to provide technical or other support (“Support Services”) for the SDK or Alteryx APIs. However, if Alteryx chooses to provide support services to technology partners, the use of these support services by technology partners is governed by current Alteryx support policies. The technology partner grants Alteryx a free, global, transferable, irrevocable, irrevocable and unlimited license for use or integration in the SDK, Alteryx platform or any other Alteryx product or service, all proposals, requests for improvement, recommendations or other feedback provided by the technology partner or its collaborators, contractors or other persons acting on its behalf. 1.4 Alteryx products are Alteryx products described on Alteryx`s website in, with the exception of Alteryx Source data (such as. B experiential data, Tom-Tom and D-B) and other data. A license for Alteryx Designer with demographic and firmaoographic data contains a selection of geographic, demographic and fixed data for the United States or Canada.

Additional geographic areas require additional licenses. For more data options, please contact our sales team.

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