Ripe Sponsoring Lir Agreement

If the current manager is unable to make the changes, your sponsorship LIR should contact the NCC RIPE on your behalf. When the end user and the sponsoring LIR first sign a contract, the sponsor must provide the RIPE NCC with an extract from the trade register or an equivalent document attesting to the registration of the end user`s activity with the relevant national authorities (see also the RIPE NCC procedure document “Due Diligence for the Quality of the RIPE N Registration Data”). 7.4 Each party is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect if its counterparty does not meet its obligations under the contract. LIR`s sponsorship must notify the NCC RIPE of the change in end-user activity and submit new registration documents from the national authority and official legal documents proving this change via the LIR portal. If access to the LIR portal is not possible, the LIR sponsor must send an e-mail to lir-help `at` ripe `dot` net to inform the RIPE NCC of the change in end-user activity and include the new registration documents of the national authority and the official legal documents that support this change. If the LIR sponsor has terminated its RESEP NCC Standard Service Agreement, the NCC RIPE sends a notification to the end-user`s contact email addresses within 10 business days of notification, as shown in the corresponding object in the RIPE database, and invites the end user to sign a new contractual agreement with another sponsorship LIR or with the NLC. 4. Be sure to terminate the contract with your former LIR sponsorship for these independent resources! Your sponsorship LIR will then contact the NCC RIPE for changes and provide us with your written confirmation of the return of specific resources. 9.1 This agreement is governed exclusively by the law of the country in which LIR sponsorship is established. The supplier`s independent resources are independent of LIR. This means you can change your sponsorship LIR at any time. To do this, you must perform the following steps: Delete:


The end user can also enter into a contract directly with the NCC RIPE.

For more information, see: delete:


delete: see the notes to be inserted: Requesting Independent Resources: delete



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