Ck Raut And Government Agreement

At the event, Raut said it was a win-win deal for everyone. The Asian Human Rights Commission has stated that everyone has the right to freedom of expression, movement, assembly and association, that the fundamental rights of all human beings are mandated everywhere, as well as by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Nepal is a signatory, and we expect the State and its agencies to recognize and ensure our rights. [1] The AHRC calls on the Nepalese government to immediately release Dr. Chandra Kant Raut. The AHRC fears possible torture, harassment and other ill-treatment during his arbitrary arrest by the Morang police. [16] Amnesty International also wrote a letter to Nepal`s interior minister calling for Raut`s release. [17] [18] “There is a strong suspicion that he surrendered to the government,” Karna said. In Province 2, Madhes` only province, diamond leaders and cadres led a campaign to highlight corruption and weaknesses in the provincial government. Madheshi leader CK Raut on Friday signed an agreement with the government, in which he agreed to end the movement he had led in recent years, demanding that the Madhesh region be separated from Nepal and established as a country apart. KATHMANDU: The coordinator of the Independent Madhes Alliance and activist Free Madhes CK (Chandra Kant) Raut today reached an eleven-point agreement with the government. “There is no reason to create separatist movements in Nepal. The government has offered to capitulate him immediately, he must support the sovereignty and integrity of the country,” Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Upendra Yadav told Al Jazeera.

After the signing of eleven-point agreements, independence alliance coordinator Madhes CK Raut withdrew his request for a separate state. Madhes Independence Alliance coordinator Chandra Kant Raut, who for years led a separatist movement, abandoned his demand for a separate Madhes and struck an 11-point deal with the government. Bhim Rawal, in his tweet, Bhim Rawal Raut, imprisoned a dozen times for anti-state activities and released from prison, condemned the violence and agreed to join the general policy to give a big boost to the Oli government, faced with the discontent of the inhabitants of the southern region. On the first point of the agreement, Raut accepted the existence of Nepal, of which madhesh is a part. In exchange, the government announced that it would address the real concerns and discontent expressed in madhesh through constitutional democratic means. The general consensus in Madhes is that Raut begins to lose ground after the deal with Oli. The Janamat party is now busy preparing the ground for the next round of municipal, provincial and federal elections The government has agreed to provide financial assistance to the family of Ram Manohar Yadav, a raut cadre killed a few months ago. Raut signed the 11-point agreement with Interior Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa at an event held today in Kathmandu.

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