Copy Of Lease Agreement Quebec

If it is a dwelling in a cooperative that is rented, the rental form to be completed is the lease form of a dwelling in a cooperative. This form is available in the offices of the Court as well as in the offices of housing cooperatives. In the event that the tenant contravenes this obligation, the lessor may request the termination of the lease (article 1860 Civil Code Québec). In the case of a rental contract of indefinite duration, a period of six months is required before the date of withdrawal or evacuation. (Article 1960, paragraph 2, of the Civil Code of Québec) The landlord must pay the displaced tenant an indemnity of three months` rent as well as reasonable moving expenses. If the tenant considers that the damages against him justify a greater prejudice, he can ask the court to fix the amount of compensation. I went to a few places that only sold French versions (I wanted to scan and send them), but not English. If the landlord does not make the necessary repairs or if the property is no longer suitable for housing, the tenant has the option of applying to the Régie du logement for the cancellation of the lease. The notification must be made in respect of a certificate from an officer or official designated by the Minister of Justice who, after examining the tenant`s affidavit that it is a situation of sexual violence or abuse and other factual elements or documents that support the tenant`s rights, considers that the termination of the rental agreement is a measure to be taken, to ensure the safety of the tenant and any children. who can cohabit with the tenant. The official or official must act immediately. A tenant has the right, with certain exceptions, to sublet all or part of the rental unit or to assign the lease to another person.

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