Ending A Fixed Term Employment Agreement Early Nz

The Employment Relations Act 2000 (section 66) requires that a fixed-term contract be recorded in writing as part of any fixed-term contract for “real reasons based on reasonable grounds”, that the worker agrees with those grounds and that those grounds and the manner in which the employment contract terminates be recorded in writing as part of any fixed-term contract. For more information, see the website of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Employment. 3.12 The ATA has received another legal deliberation, namely that the Transitional Provision Act terminates any contractual request for termination. It is the Acting Chief Executive of Auckland Council (or atA) who decides whether an employee`s employment relationship should be terminated and announces this decision. The local authority would then communicate with the worker about the worker`s contractual rights. If the conditions of Article 66 are not met, the employer may not invoke the time limit to terminate the worker`s employment relationship. In other words, the employment relationship is permanent and the worker can only be dismissed for the usual reasons accepted for the termination of permanent employment (e.g.B. misconduct, misconduct, dismissal, etc.). PhD students who attend the University of Otago have the opportunity to develop their academic knowledge and experience. Staff must perform supervised teaching and research duties in addition to their doctoral studies. The parties agree that it is important that the department is able to continue to offer this possibility to successive doctoral students so that they also have the opportunity to acquire this experience. As a result, the worker`s employment is temporary and ends on [z.B. the expected closing date of the promotion (this is the end date of this Agreement).

For the same reason, the parties agree that this agreement will terminate earlier and with notice if the worker ceases to be a student. . . .

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