Uc Berkeley Transfer Agreement

On this page, you will learn how to understand, evaluate and credit transfer work. You will not receive credit for a transfer course if you have already completed a comparable UC Berkeley course with a successful grade (P or D or higher). 2. Complete all remaining course work and gPA requirements in your TAG agreement. Learn more about the College of Chemistry`s requirements for transfer students. Click here to learn more about the program: www.smccd.edu/international/berkeleystanford UC Berkeley Community College Transfer Services (CCTS) provides transfer and teaching guidance to improve access to education for California university students interested in attending UC Berkeley and the University of California. UC Berkeley`s CCTS counselors regularly visit 45 California Community Colleges to offer one-on-one academic advice, classroom presentations and transfer workshops for students, as well as training for counselors and specialized staff. Since the winter of 2015, Berkeley has moved from an MTA paper application process to an online form at Phoebe. CSS/Department research administrators are encouraged to use Phoebe for all new ATTs for incoming materials.

If you have any questions about ATMs, please contact the ILO and phoebe-help@lists.berkeley.edu for Phoebe-related questions. International students have the same transfer conditions as all other students. International English exams (e.g.B. TOEFL or IELTS) are not required for accreditation, as knowledge of English is contingent upon completion of the reading and composition requirement or an IGETC certification. However, they can be beneficial to the student`s success if they are admitted to Berkeley. The SMCSV College University Partnership (CUP) is aimed at eligible students at all three colleges to improve the preparation and transfer of successful community university students to elite universities. Launched by San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley and in collaboration with the Berkeley University Transfer Center at the University of California, ambitious and exceptional students are recruited and selected to participate in intensive transfer preparation programs to ensure student success and university goals. To this end, strategic orientation, academic planning, special programs, summer academies and interactive workshops will be implemented in order to strengthen the pathways of transfer students to the best universities. . .


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