Mom’s Easy Barbecue Chickpea Casserole

4 cups cooked or canned chickpeas

3-4 Tblsp maple syrup or honey

1 teasp prepared mustard

3/4 large can crushed tomatoes

1 medium onion – chopped

Freshly ground black pepper

1/2 teasp cayenne pepper


Mix all ingredients well, and pile into oiled casserole dish. Cover and bake about 1 hour in mod-hot oven, uncovering […]

Dietetic Cheese Souffle

8 onions – finely chopped

4 x 1% cottage cheese

2 eggs

1 T bulgar wheat (or flour)

Grated yellow cheese

Mix all ingredients in oven-proof dish. Cover with grated cheese and bake till ready.

Leanne’s Mixed Rice


2 cups mixed wild and brown rice

About 1 cup fresh champignon – sliced

Fried onions

½ cup sunflower seeds

4 cups boiling water

½ cup pine nuts

1 cup parsley – chopped

4 Tblsp olive oil

1 Tblsp honey or brown sugar

Salt and pepper


Mix all ingredients with fork. Bake, covered, […]

Easy Baked Rice with Pine Nuts


2 cups whole rice (you can use white – less cooking time – but whole is nicer

1 large onion – chopped

2 carrots – coarsely grated

50 gr pine nuts

4 cups water

about ½ teasp salt

1½ Tblsp chicken soup mix

* 2 teasp nutmeg


1. Fry onion, add grated carrots, […]

Michal's Easy Magic Cake


1 container sweet cream (250 ml)

1½ cups sugar

1½ cups self-raising flour

2 eggs


1. Gently beat all ingredients in mixer.

2. Bake in two well-greased and floured tins, in moderate oven.


cocoa or chocolate sauce for marble cake

fruit cake mix

chocolate chips

brown sugar instead of white


cinnamon […]