Easy Onion Quiche


1/2 kg onions – sliced (5-6 onions, or frozen)

60 gr butter

125 gr yellow cheese – grated

4 Tablespoons mushroom soup mix

250 ml milk

4 eggs

Method: Microwave onion with butter on HIGH about 10 minutes. Mix remaining ingredients, add to onion, and bake in greased onion-proof dish about 30-40 minutes. […]

Mom’s Butter Icing


50 gr butter

about 500 gr icing sugar

drop hot water

food coloring – optional (white if you don’t use coloring)

Method: Mix butter with water. Addabout 50 gr icing sugar, and continue adding icing sugar and teaspoons full of hot water till correct consistency and quantity have been reached.

Gran's Butter Biscuits


1 egg

1 pkt (2.5 cups) Self Raising flour

1 cup sugar

200 gr butter

vanilla essence

Method: Make dough. Form balls and flatten with fork on baking tray. Decorate with hundreds & thousands, almonds, cherries, etc. Bake till golden-brown.